“Sweet Home” Season 3 confirmed to be released in the summer of 2024 “There will be more twists”

“Sweet Home” Season 3 is set to meet viewers in the summer of 2024

Sweet Home Season 2“, which was released on Dec 1st, depicts the struggles of characters like Hyun-soo and the survivors of Green Home as they leave the monster-infested world of Green Home to survive in a new territory, introducing new desires, events and mysteries.

After its release, “Sweet Home” Season 2 gained attention for its expanded worldview and deeper messages, entering the Netflix Global TOP 10 TV (non-English) category for 2 consecutive weeks. The confirmation of Season 3’s summer release is generating excitement among viewers worldwide.

sweet home

Season 3 promises the more desperate and intense struggles between monsters and humans, exploring the ambiguous boundaries between the two.

Director Lee Eung-bok leaves a teaser for Season 3, questioning whether Hyun-soo dominated by monsters can open his eyes again, and hinting at the emergence of Eun-hyuk and the MH (Monster Human) group. The actors also share expectations, mentioning the clash and cooperation of characters who have grown in various directions since Season 1, promising more twists and a spectacular story in Season 3.

Meanwhile, “Sweet Home” Season 2 is already available on Netflix. Season 3 is scheduled for release in the summer of 2024.

Source: Daum

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