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‘Divorced Father’ Lee Dong-gun Confesses Excessive Drinking Habit, Hospitalized For PTSD & Fear

In the recent recording of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy”, Lee Dong-gun visited a psychology clinic at the recommendation of his acquaintances who were worried about his excessive drinking habit. The actor confessed, “I’ve been drinking alcohol every day for the past 10 years”, confessing the story of trying to paralyze his memory because he couldn’t stand the thoughts when being sober. When it was revealed that Lee Dong-gun was hospitalized for two months after being diagnosed with PTSD in the past the actor’s mother was completely heartbroken. Attention is focused on the reason Lee Dong-gun had to receive treatment in the hospital.

Emphasizing that Lee Dong-gun is extremely introverted, the psychiatrist asked, “How many people do you save in your phone contacts?”. In response, Lee Dong-gun said, “My messenger has a total of 30 people”. The actor added that he has no choice but to organize his contacts regularly every year. The psychiatrist made a shocking diagnosis about Lee Dong-gun’s extreme human relationships, raising viewers’ curiosity about what happened to Lee Dong-gun.

In addition, Lee Dong-gun also revealed the difficulties in his relationship with his father when talking about his childhood. During the graphic test, the actor was completely taken aback by the results of the relationship between him and his father. Lee Dong-gun calmly recalled his past memories and said, “He’s the source of my fear”. Lee Dong-gun’s mother also commented, “I had a hard time back then”.

Lee Dong-gun’s concerns and problems can be found in the new broadcast of “My Little Old Boy”, which will air at 9:05 p.m. on December 24th.

Source: Daum

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