Suzy went to watch Park Bo-gum’s musical “Let Me Fly” + took proof shot

Singer-actress Suzy went to meet actor Park Bo-gum

On Dec 9th, Suzy shared a proof shot with the caption, “Really cool! A warm and beautiful performance. I laughed and cried a lot.

Suzy personally attended the musical “Let Me Fly”, in which Park Bo-gum is currently starring. In addition to the proof shot, Suzy also shared a video of the actors on stage and tagged Park Bo-gum.

It appears that Suzy met Park Bo-gum in the waiting room after watching “Let Me Fly”. In the photo, Suzy, wearing a beige jacket and a black hat, is seen posing cutely with both hands covering her cheeks. Park Bo-gum, holding a bouquet, strikes a V-pose. Next to Park Bo-gum, actor Lee Hyung-hoon (37), who also appears in “Let Me Fly”, is posing and smiling affectionately. Suzy’s close friend, actress Lee Young-ah (39), is also seen in the proof shot, suggesting that she joined Suzy in watching the musical.

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The musical “Let Me Fly” is described as follows: “On a night in 1969, when Apollo 11 was launched toward the moon, Namwon, the best tailor in the neighborhood, takes a step closer to his dream of becoming a fashion designer by receiving a letter. While dreaming about a wonderful future with his beloved partner Jeongboon, Namwon is startled and falls down as the moon gets bigger. The place where he opens his eyes again is one day in the year 2020! In front of the bewildered Namwon, there stands an old Sunny, saying, ‘Dear, it is the year 2020, and we are in our seventies!’ Everything in 2020 feels strange but somehow familiar to him. To find a way to return to 1969, where Jeongboon exists, Namwon begins his journey of future exploration.” Park Bo-gum takes on the role of the young Namwon.

Suzy and Park Bo-gum’s connection started with the movie “Wonderland”.

“Wonderland” is the new work of director Kim Tae-yong (54), known for the film “Late Autumn”. The release date is undecided. Apart from Park Bo-gum and Suzy, actress Tang Wei (44), director Kim Tae-yong’s wife, also appears in “Wonderland”. Through Suzy’s proof shot, the heartwarming friendship between her and “Wonderland” co-star Park Bo-gum has been revealed, attracting fans’ attention.

Recently, Suzy received love from viewers worldwide for her role as the female lead Lee Doona in Netflix’s original series “Doona!”. Additionally, Suzy is gearing up for her comeback to the small screen as she has been cast in the drama “Everything Will Come True”, a new work by writer Kim Eun-sook (51).

Source: Daum

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