It was so surprising…”2023 prospect: adult movie actor” appeared on JTBC’s news

The title “2023 prospect: adult movie actor” appeared on JTBC’s news.

Recently, on JTBC’s “Sangam-dong Class”, people talked about the topic “As the New Year comes, stock prices rise…The outlook”.


When reporter Lee Ga Hyuk asked “What type of business will lead the stock industry in 2023?“, current affairs economic critic Jung Chul Jin replied, “It’s a little strange, but I picked this keyword. Adult movie actor.


Reporter Lee Ga Hyuk, who saw the keyword, joked, “It’s a morning broadcast. Why did you choose ‘Adult movie actor’?” Critic Jung Chul Jin introduced, “It’s the most talked about and mentioned topic in the stock market recently.

He added, “It’s a coined word that is easy to memorize.

After the broadcast aired, netizens showed conflicting reactions.

Some netizens responded positively, “It’s funny“, “It’s MZ-like“, “It’s appropriate because it’s a broadcast for uncles, isn’t it?“…


On the other hand, other netizens responded somewhat negatively, “That’s too much of a pun“, “It’s ridiculous rather than funny“, “Will I like that kind of stuff when I get older?“…

Source: Wikitree

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