V & Jennie’s dating rumor spreads again with a photo taken in the waiting room… Netizens have pointed out evidence 

The dating rumor of BTS’s V and BLACKPINK’s Jennie has become a hot topic again.

It was another photo that caused V and Jennie’s romantic relationship to arise again this time. On August 23rd, a photo of two people believed to be V and Jennie spread all over the place on SNS.

The woman said to be Jennie took the picture that shows a man revealed to be V in a waiting room getting his hairstyle done. The man’s entire face is exposed and it looks exactly like V’s. The woman’s face is partially covered by her cell phone but netizens pointed out facial features that resemble Jennie’s. 

Some Internet users also discovered another photo of Jennie taken somewhere else in which she wore the same outfit as the one that the woman in the photo was wearing. Jennie appeared in a blue cardigan of the French brand Maison Kitsuné on a filming set and took a photo doing a V sign pose.

In addition, the fact that the woman in the controversial photo is found to have the same bracelet and phone model as Jennie’s also helped support the dating rumor.

The exact source where the photo that sparked V and Jennie’s dating rumor originated has not yet been known but some people claimed that it was leaked from Jennie’s private Instagram account.

V and Jennie have already been rumored to be dating once when a photo showing a couple believed to be the two on a vacation in Jeju Island spread. That photo was shared together with a netizen’s claim that they witnessed V and Jennie in Jeju this May.

At that time, the fact that V had been staying in Jeju at around that time and the glasses worn by the woman in the photo was the same as Jennie’s were mentioned as evidence to prove the two’s romantic relationship.

Neither V’s agency HYBE nor Jennie’s agency YG Entertainment have made any position on this issue. 

Source: nate

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