SEVENTEEN Joshua Suspected of Doing Lovestagram with Model Cho Mi Young

SEVENTEEN Joshua and his alleged model girlfriend’s Lovestagram sparks controversy. 

From coordinated couple outfits, same phone cases, same accessories, to matching profile pictures as found by fans on SEVENTEEN Joshua and his alleged girlfriend’s Instagram, the male idol is caught up in a dating rumor. 

seventeen joshua
Instagram couple profile pictures
seventeen joshua
couple rings

A witness even spotted Joshua’s mother walking hand-in-hand with his alleged girlfriend, a sight that left fans surprised. Joshua’s laughter also resonated in the background of his alleged girlfriend’s birthday video. 

On the online community Pann, the responses to Joshua’s suspected Lovestagram are not positive. Some fans express frustration at Joshua’s perceived neglect of fan interactions as he barely communicates with fans yet he is dating.

The timing of the Lovestagram posts also sparked controversy among SEVENTEEN fans as Joshua’s dating evidence surfaced ahead of bandmate S.Coups’ birthday, thus shifting the attention to Joshua’s dating rumor. 

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