Lee Ji-ah Flaunts Friendship with Rosé and Kim Go-eun

On January 11, Lee Ji-ah shared a short video and a photo on her social media without any specific captions.

The released video shows BLACKPINK’s Rosé wearing a hoodie as she threw a baseball and hit a doll. The female idol then made an exclamation of joy, before giving Lee Ji-ah a hi-fi as if they were young children.

rose lee ji-ah

Meanwhile, Kim Go-eun also appeared in a baseball cap and casual attire.

The lively and enjoyable moments of the three female stars attract the attention of fans, and Lee Ji-ah also tagged Kim Go-eun and BLACKPINK’s Rosé in their video, showing a close friendship.

Meanwhile, previously on December 11th, actress Lee Ji-ah shared photo on her social media along with a caption full of emojis, capturing her recent situation.

lee ji-ah

In the revealed photo, Lee Ji-ah can be seen in what seems to be an overseas amusement park. Additionally, although not visible in the photo, actress Kim Go-eun was tagged in the photo, hinting that the two were together at the scene, drawing attention.

On the other hand, Lee Ji-ah, Kim Go-eun, and Rosé became friends after appearing together on the JTBC variety show “Sea of Hope”. These three share a special connection that goes beyond their age differences.

Source: Nate, HeraldPOP via Nate

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