“Karina’s boyfriend” Lee Jae-wook becomes free agent “Exclusive contract with C-JeS expires in May”

Actor Lee Jae-wook's exclusive contract with his agency is coming to an end

According to Star News on Feb 29th, it has been confirmed that Lee Jae-wook’s exclusive contract with C-JeS will expire in May.

Previously, Lee Jae-wook signed a contract with C-JeS in April 2021. At the time, C-JeS stated, “We are pleased to have formed a connection with actor Lee Jae-wook, who has boundless potential, and we will spare no effort to support him in various activities.”

lee jae wook

Currently, it is known that Lee Jae-wook is contemplating whether to stand alone after the expiration of his exclusive contract with C-JeS or to renew the contract.

On Feb 27th, Lee Jae-wook began a public relationship with aespa’s Karina. Both sides acknowledged the dating rumors, telling Star News, “The two are now getting to know each other.”

Source: Naver

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