The Common Thing In “King the Land” and “Strong Woman Gang Nam-soon”’s Hit-Making Formula

“King the Land” and “Strong Woman Gang Nam-soon” have created a new “hit drama formula”

JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama “Strong Woman Gang Nam-soon,” which started airing on October 7th, recorded a 9.8% viewer rating in the fourth episode and is on the verge of breaking the 10% wall.

The drama started with a 4.3% viewer rating in the first episode, and has been on the upward curve with a nearly 2% increase in viewership every two weeks.

In addition, according to “FUNdex,” a good data corporation that analyzes K content online topics (as of October 16th), “Strong Woman Gang Nam-soon” proved to be viral among viewers, ranking second in TV-OTT hot topic category.

“Strong Woman Gang Nam-soon” is a drama that depicts a three-generation family project in which a mother and daughter, who are born with super strength power, delve into the reality of new drug crimes centered in Gangnam.

JTBC’s Saturday and Sunday drama “King the Land” mainly features the special romance chemistry between Lee Joon-ho and Yoona, and it was clearly said to be childish because it depicts the “Cinderella romance” between chaebol families and ordinary people.

However, leaving this behind, the first episode of “King the Land” started with 5.1% and drew an upward curve with a 2-3% increase in the beginning, ending successfully with a maximum viewer rating of 13.8%.

king the land

Given that the success of “Strong Woman Gang Nam-soon” appears similar to that of “King the Land,” “Childish storyline” and “JTBC Weekend Time” have become popular formulas for the new drama world.

Although “Strong Woman Gang Nam-soon” has only broadcast 4 episodes and is in the early stages, attention is being paid to whether it will be able to end in success like the senior work “King the Land,” which took the same time slot.

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