Song Joong-ki Revealed No Major Sentiment After “Descendants of the Sun”+Wanted To Be Remembered As “Firework” Actor

Actor Song Joong-ki confessed his honest feelings as an actor and breadwinner.

On April 15th, Sports Chosun released a recent pictorial and interview of Song Joong-ki.

Song Joong-ki recently drew attention for his role as a North Korean defector in the Netflix movie “Loh Ki-wan.” He was often asked if he had changed his career direction after “Loh Ki-wan,” but the answer was no. “There is not a single project that I have appeared with major sentiments except for “Descendants of the Sun.” All of them have minor sentiments,” he said. “In that sense, I think I am participating in the productions on a consistent basis.”

song joong ki

The KBS drama “Descendants of the Sun” was aired in 2016. It had a top viewer rating of 38.8% and gained huge popularity overseas as well. Song Joong-ki met and even got married with his co-star in the drama, Song Hye-kyo, but the two got divorced after two years. After remarrying, Song has a son with his current wife, Katie Louise Saunders.

When asked what kind of person he wants to be remembered as, he said, “A good firewood actor. I think people watch movies because they have the expectation that the two hours they spend will be fulfilling. The space can be a movie theater, or inside an airplane. An actor is a job that happily takes care of those two hours. It’s nothing more, nothing less. In that sense, I want to be remembered as a very useful person to spend two hours on.”

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