“Parasite” actress Park So-dam revealed she was broken up with by the same guy for 4 times

Whether it’s a good experience or not, everyone has memories of their first love in their hearts.

Park So-dam, the world star from the movie “Parasite,” also has a heartbreaking first love experience.
Park So-dam, the world star from the movie “Parasite,” also has a heartbreaking first love experience.

Park So-dam, who liked a friend for looking cool in school uniforms when she was a 7th grader even though she didn’t know his name. One day, she got a call from an unknown number, who said he was the “school uniform” boy. That’s how they ended up dating…

JTBC's "Gamsung Camping"

Park So-dam said she was broken up with before even getting to hold his hands on the first date. He broke up with her because said she had to go to a foreign language specialized high school. But he couldn’t go to such a school in the end.

JTBC's "Gamsung Camping"
JTBC’s “Gamsung Camping”

Park So-dam confessed her feelings to him three more times in two years after being dumped. She said she cried listening to the Gummi’s “If You Come Back” every day in her room. It became a memory now, but at that time, she thought without him, there would be no love in the future.

The movie, "The Priests"
The movie, “The Priests”

Park So-dam became an actress after leaving behind her heartbreaking memories. Through the 2016 film “The Priests,” he became a rising star by setting a record of winning the “Best Supporting Actress Award,” not the Rookie of the Year award as a rookie.

The movie "Parasite"
The movie “Parasite”

Park So-dam has been active in movies, dramas, and plays. In the 2019 movie “Parasite,” she acted as Song Kang-ho’s daughter Kim Ki-jung and created a global hit. Park So-dam has been showing her different charms and acting for each production she participated in.

The actress played the role of Eunha, a “special cargo” driver in the crime action movie “Special Cargo,” which is scheduled to be released in January with a 100% possibility to succeed. She is said to have performed thrilling car chasing and real bare-body action scenes, which are different from the previous movies’.

Movie "Special Cargo"
Movie “Special Cargo”

Park So-dam was predicted to become a one-top lead in the movie industry. Unfortunately, she was recently reported to be fighting against thyroid papillary cancer. Fortunately, the disease was figured out early during her medical examination process and the actress is recovering after surgery according to the medical staff’s findings.

Park So-dam’s Instagram
Park So-dam’s Instagram

Thanks to this, Park So-dam, who has not been able to carry out the offline promotional schedule of “Special Cargo,” has recently been promoting the movie online through her SNS. Hopefully she will recover well. We hope to see her in good health next year and her movie to be a big success!

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