Netizens pointed out the reason why rumors that Song Hye Kyo had an affair were suddenly spread in China

The rumor that Song Hye Kyo once cheated on her ex-husband continues to receive a lot of attention.

Netizens have been agitated recently because Song Hye Kyo rose to the top of the most popular search on Weibo due to unfavorable information on rumors that she had cheated on her ex-husband. The audience becomes extremely perplexed and concerned about the actress as a result.

While the rumors are still unconfirmed, netizens continue to theorize about this.

Accordingly, many netizens believed that the controversies surrounding conglomerates is probably the cause of rumors related to Song Hye Kyo spreading. These rumors are mainly to distract attention from the public.

Song Hye Kyo is a well-known Korean actress and beauty symbol who became well-known throughout Asia in 2000 thanks to the hit drama Autumn In My Heart. Following her split from Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo became embroiled in a number of disputes. Many believe that her acting skills are disappointing and that she has lost some of her former attractiveness. Many people believe that she is no longer capable of reaching her peak.

It is known that in the near future, Song Hye Kyo will return through “The Glory“. This is a project that marks the reunion between Song Hye Kyo and the screenwriter of Descendants of the Sun – Kim Eun Sook.

In the drama, Song Hye Kyo plays Moon Dong Eun, a teacher at Semyeong Private Elementary School. In the past, Moon Dong Eun has suffered from school violence. She had to drop out of high school and give up her dream of becoming an architect.

Moon Dong Eun brings resentment to adulthood, planning revenge. Moon Dong Eun’s plan begins with her becoming the homeroom teacher of the child of whom used to bully her.

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