“All of Us Are Dead” Cho Yi-hyun receives an offer to appear in new drama “Vampire Chef” 

Jo Ji-hyun

On March 10th, Cho Yi-hyun‘s agency Artist Company announced that she is considering an offer to appear in the drama “Vampire Chef” based on the webtoon of the same name.

The popular webtoon “Vampire Chef” tells the story of Hong Ki-jun, the owner and chef of an unknown restaurant in Itaewon, developing food to reproduce the ecstatic taste of blood he felt on the lips of his childhood friend.

Cho Yi-hyun was cast as Kang Mi-ro, the childhood friend who gave Hong Ki-jun a fantastic taste of blood.

Kang Mi-ro is a person who cooks together to revive the heavenly blood taste that Hong Ki-jun tasted and boasts a special chemistry with him.

Cho Yi-hyun made her face known by appearing in tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” as chick intern Jang Yun-bok.

She then gained huge popularity by playing the role of class president Choi Nam-ra in Netflix’s series “All of Us Are Dead“, which swept the world.


To the news that Cho Yi-hyun is considering her next work, fans responded, “I can’t wait to meet her through a good work” and “I think she’s perfect for the role of Kang Mi-ro.”

Meanwhile, it was revealed that Cho Yi-hyun is contemplating about appearing in a number of works besides “Vampire Chef“, drawing keen expectations from fans.

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