Han Ji Min attends Kim Hye Ja’s book signing event, drawing admiration for her respectful action toward senior actress

Han Ji Min showed her extraordinary affection for senior actress Kim Hye Ja.

Actress Han Ji Min appeared at Kim Hye Ja’s book signing event at the Gwanghwamun brand of Kyobo Bookstore in Jongno-gu, Seoul on January 8th.

The event was held to commemorate the publication of Kim Hye Ja’s second book “Thank you for Life”.

Kim Hye-ja Han Ji-min

Earlier, Han Ji Min directly reported the news of Kim Hye Ja’s new book publication and the book signing event through her personal SNS account. 

The actress then personally showed up at the book signing event with a large bouquet of flowers for Kim Hye Ja. She also got Kim Hye Ja to sign on the book she brought along to the event.

Kim Hye-ja Han Ji-min

In particular, Han Ji Min drew attention as she kneeled down to make eye contact with Kim Hye Ja and talk to her senior when getting the autograph. After then, Han Ji Min gave Kim Hye Ja a warm hug to show her respect and affection for the senior, creating a warm scene.

Han Ji Min and Kim Hye Ja worked together in JTBC’s “The Light in Your Eyes” and tvN’s “Our Blues”. 

Source: Nate

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