RM made a surprise move on his social networks account after he was suddenly elected ‘president of Brazil’

What did RM (BTS) do after being elected ’president of Brazil’ by fans?

RM (BTS) has always been known as one of the most talented leaders in Kpop.  For BTS to achieve the current success, RM has devoted all his efforts.  Therefore, fans often call him ‘President’.  Before that, fans elected him President of Namkanda (the land of ARMY and BTS), hijacked President’s Day to celebrate him, and much more.

Recently, ARMY caused a stir when the election of RM became president of Brazil.  It seems that he also knew about this  joke and responded in a funny way on social networks: “I need citizenship first.”

RM (BTS) president of Brazil1
RM (BTS) president of Brazil2

Even so, the leader of BTS still could not expect to find himself the president in Break The Silence: The Movie.  When a ‘President Namjoon’ banner popped up, RM turned away from the screen, grinning, and Suga and Jin cracked up. ”When did you run for president?” Suga teased.

RM (BTS) president of Brazil3
RM (BTS) president of Brazil3

The humorous reaction of the male singer makes the fans extremely excited.  Although it is just a joke from the fans, many people are curious about what the result will be if RM actually runs for president.

RM (BTS) president of Brazil5


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