Identity of the actress who will play Nam Goong Min’s partner in his comeback historical drama

Actress Ahn Eun Jin recently confirmed her appearance in the new historical series “Lovers”. 

Nam Goong Min and Ahn Eun Jin were cast in MBC’s historical drama “Lovers”, set in the Manchu War period of the Joseon Dynasty.

“Lovers” is a historical drama that depicts love and hardship in war. Writer Hwang Jin Young, who gained trust of viewers with “The Rebel”, and director Kim Sung Yong, who proved his directing skills through MBC’s series “The Veil” will join hands and create “Lovers”.

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Nam Goong Min will appear as Lee Jang Hyun, who used to love nothing and show no sincerity to anyone but opens his heart after meeting a woman by fate. Ahn Eun Jin plays Yoo Chil Chae, who grows up beautifully as the daughter of a wealthy family then matures as she goes through the weathering due to wars and sincerely adores a man.

Nam Goong Min recently starred in SBS’s “One Dollar Lawyer’, which was a hot drama last year. With his excellent expressions and chemistry with actress Kim Ji Eun, Nam Goong Min helped the drama reach 15% in viewer ratings after airing for three weeks. In particular, Nam Goong Min and Kim Ji Eun showed off their perfect chemistry as they already worked with each other for the third time. The actress also mentioned Nam Goong Min as a “long-legged senior” and expressed her gratitude to him at the 2022 SBS Drama Awards. 

one dollar lawyer nam goong min

Ahn Eun Jin, who will be Nam Goong Min’s new co-star, is a hard-working actress with a wide acting spectrum. Within 2019 only, she starred in as many as six dramas.

Ahn Eun Jin acted enthusiastically and strengthened her position on the small screen by appearing in tvN’s “Hospital Playlist” series and Netflix’s original series “Kingdom Season 2”. She recently emerged as a “Chungmuro’s blue chip” with her performance in the recently released movie “The Night Owl”. 

Ahn Eun-jin

Apart from collaborating with Nam Goong Min in “Lovers”, Ahn Eun Jin, who has grown from a supporting actress into a leading actress, was also cast as the female lead in JTBC’s drama “Bad Mother” and Netflix’s “Goodbye Earth”. 

Meanwhile, Ahn Eun Jin is close to Kim Sung Chul, Kim Go Eun and Lee Sang Yi as they are known to graduate from the “Legendary Class 10 of Korea National University of Arts”. Therefore, attention is focused on how Ahn Eun Jin, who has become a leading actress and rising star, will perform in “Lovers”.

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