Gong Yoo: “A New York date with Taylor Swift? I haven’t been to the U.S recently”

As rumors suddenly arose that actor Gong Yoo recently enjoyed a date with world-class pop star/actor Taylor Swift, his agency officially denied it. 

An official from Management SOOP, Gong Yoo’s agency, told The Daily on Nov 26th, “Gong Yoo has never been to the U.S. recently,” adding, “We are in the middle of preparing a promotional schedule ahead of the release of the Netflix Original series ‘Silent Sea’ in South Korea.”

Gong Yoo Taylor Swift

Earlier, rumors were circling around on online communities and SNS that Gong Yoo and Taylor Swift were seen eating at a restaurant in New York. Several U.S. media reported this, and suspicions spread as such information was also shared on domestic SNS and online communities.

Gong Yoo Taylor Swift

However, Gong Yoo’s agency recently drew a line as they denied that the actor had never visited the United States recently. Meanwhile, Gong Yoo will appear in the Netflix original series “Silent Sea,” which will be released on December 24th.

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