“I Am Solo” 4th generation cast member embroiled in controversy over prostitution…”Make a prostitute girl pregnant but play dumb”

SBS Plus and ENA’s “I Am Solo” 4th generation cast member A was embroiled in a controversy over prostitution.

On May 10th, a post titled “‘I Am Solo’ 4th generation cast member made a prostitute girl pregnant but played dumb” was uploaded on online communities.

The post contained the contents of the Instagram DMs (direct messages) that woman B is believed to have exchanged directly with A.

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According to the messages, A approached B and asked her to go on a hocance date. A expressed good feelings for B and told her, “I make a lot of money. Let’s date.”

As B did not get persuaded, A suggested, “If you go on a date with me, I’ll give you 1 million won.” B replied, “Really?”

In the post, B confessed, “I’ll disclose it because everyone asked me a lot. If I ignore the defamation and just tell you the facts, it’s true that there was prostitution between us.”

She revealed, “I received 2.5 million won and had a relationship with A. In the end, I unfortunately got pregnant and he pretended not to know.”

She added, “I asked him to raise (our child) together, but I later suffered a missed miscarriage. I hope you’ll stop asking.”

According to the additionally disclosed DM contents, B showed A the pregnancy test kit and said, “I’m pregnant.” A replied, “Who is the father of the child? Me? I have nothing to do with you.”

Currently, A has not yet released a position on the related content.

Source: nate

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