Is Love Always Happy Ending? “Doona!” & “Daily Dose of Sunshine” Female Characters Eventually Pursue Dreams

The two female characters of these Netflix dramas look completely different but have one thing in common

According to people in the broadcasting industry on December 3rd, more and more dramas have begun to abandon the “Cinderella drama” formula, which shows the female character achieving love with a man.

The nurse Min Deul-re (Lee Yi-dam) in “Daily Dose of Sunshine”, which was released last month, is an example of this trend. Born in a poor family with many debts due to her immature mother, love is a fancy thing for Min Deul-re. 

Daily Dose of Sunshine

The development of a poor female character falling in love with a man is predictable in dramas. However, Deul-re likes her colleague Yeo-hwan (Jang Ryul) but she pushes him away, however, Yeo-hwan doesn’t give in and actively expresses his feelings. The two become a couple but they face an unexpected ending. Deul-re decides to leave Korea to pursue her career as a nurse. When Deul-re is hesitant with her decision, Yeo-hwan cheers for her future and dream, saying “Just abandon me”.

In this regard, director Lee Jae-gyu explained, “I chose this ending because I believe that the story would be more meaningful if there is a female character who follows her dreams instead of the normal motif of pursuing love.”


Netflix’s original series “Doona!” also presented a new ending for dramas. The female lead Lee Doo-na (Suzy) retires in the middle of her heyday as an idol due to pressure. While trying to disappear from the public’s gaze and live as an ordinary person, she meets and falls in love with Won-joon (Yang Se-jong), an ordinary college student.

With Won-joon by her side, Doo-na finds peace and healing for her anxiousness. However, she later realizes that she cannot stop longing for the stage. A strange feeling emerges in her when she watches other singers performing on TV.


Given a chance to make a comeback, Doo-na eventually makes the difficult choice of breaking up with Won-joon. After time passes, she visits Won-joon again but a romance between an idol and an ordinary person doesn’t seem easy for them. The drama ends with an open ending in which Doo-na, who continues her splendid life as a star, and Won-joon, who has become an office worker, pass by each other.

People often consider a successful love a happy ending in romance dramas. Although Deul-re and Doo-na go against that traditional happy ending, viewers still support their decision to pursue their dreams. Many people commented, “It is cool to see them follow their hearts”, “I think this is also a happy ending. It’s the choice that makes them happy”, “I like this ending because it’s dramatic and realistic at the same time”, “I realized that this can also be a happy ending for the character even if she cannot achieve a successful love”, etc.

Source: Naver

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