Ex-LE SSERAFIM’s Kim Garam defended by friend with proof showing she and the alleged victim were close

Kim Garam’s friend provided an additional explanation in her defense.

Among the allegations made against Kim Garam over her bullying behavior during middle school, a screenshot of the conversation between Kim Garam and alleged victim A on Facebook, used to be spread as evidence of Kim Garam not wanting A to hang out with others. 

However, according to Kim Garam’s friend on August 12, the screenshot was cropped to purposely make Kim Garam look like the mean one. When in fact, she and Yoo Eun Seo were only having a casual conversation as friends. 

Kim Garam’s friend released the captured conversation between Kim Garam and A, saying, “This is the original photo that went around accusing Garam of teasing her friend. The two were friends, and as you can see, A used to borrow Garam’s phone often to take selfies.” 

In the screenshot, after exchanging photos with A, Kim Garam asked A, “Do you know the Gwangmyeong kids? Why did you send them friend requests when you don’t know them?” To which, A replied in a cute tone, saying, “I wanted to get close to them, why?” and Kim Garam laughed. 

This conversation is known to take place when Kim Garam and A were in the same circle of friends. However, according to Kim Garam, because A took a photo of Kim Garam’s friend while she was changing, Kim Garam and 8 other female students protected the friend in question by swearing at A, leading to Kim Garam receiving level 5 discipline for school violence. 

Kim Garam also said through her friend’s Instagram earlier, “I thought it was my duty to help my friend and I didn’t know the seriousness because I only felt righteous. My parents often told me not to ignore a friend who needs help, so even at this moment, the meaning of what I did stays the same.”

Source: nate

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