“Song Hye-kyo’s Look-alike” Diagnosed with Rare Cancer, Lost 1/3 Tongue 

An actress known for looking similar to Song Hye-kyo opened up about her challenging times on a program

In 2019, Jung Mi-Ae gained fame as the runner-up in “Miss Trot” and for her striking resemblance to Song Hye-kyo. However, in December 2021, the singer announced a sudden hiatus to undergo treatment for a rare tongue cancer.

Now, Jung Mi-Ae has reappeared on the show “Star Documentary My Way” to share her experiences during the treatment. 

Jung Mi Ae

In particular, according to the singer,she felt persistent pain in her ear and mouth, prompting her to visit the hospital for an examination. Upon receiving the diagnosis, she was shocked to have contracted a rare disease. 

Recounting the memories, Mi-ae expressed her fears and worries about her four children, saying, “I have three sons and one daughter. As for singing? I had to put it aside. Now, I have to live for my family. I have to live for the present, and whatever comes will come.”

The “Song Hye Kyo look-alike” shared her journey of battling tongue cancer on television.

Jung Mi-Ae went through extremely difficult months of treatment. Her surgery lasted 8 hours, during which doctors had to remove 1/3 of her tongue. Despite the intense pain, the “Miss Trot” runner-up persevered in practicing pronunciation, laughing, and moving her mouth. After 10 months, Jung Mi-Ae could finally speak and sing again. Now, the singer has returned to the stage.

Jung Mi Ae

Through “Star Documentary My Way”, Mi-ae expressed gratitude to her husband, saying, “I could overcome illness thanks to a supportive husband. When I was diagnosed with tongue cancer, he calmly said that everything would be okay, so I was able to shed many worries.” 

Finally, the actress also apologized to her children for not being able to be there to take care of them, stating, “Seeing my eldest son in the 2nd grade of middle school taking care of the others made me shed tears. He is still young but behaves like an adult. I feel sorry for making him grow up so fast.”

On the other hand, Jung Mi-Ae gained a lot off attention for her striking resemblance to Song Hye-kyo, to the point of being called “Song Hye-kyo look-alike”. There were even articles comparing the beauty of the two.

Jung Mi Ae-song hye kyo
Jung Mi-ae is called “Song Hye-kyo look-alike” by many people

Source: Sports Chosun

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