Bae Yoon-jung Boasts About Losing 13kg In 3 Months, “I’m Living A More Normal Life Now”

Choreographer Bae Yoon-jung shared her weight loss tips

On October 1st, Bae Yoon-jung revealed a photo of herself from six months ago on Instagram, saying “I had been looking like that until April?”, adding “I didn’t notice it back then but after taking the picture, I really thought the situation was so serious”.

Bae Yoon-jung

Revealing her honest feelings, the female choreographer said, “I tried to lose weight by starving myself. However, as I’m getting older now, it did not help me lose weight and only made me feel more tired. I’ve been using herbal medicine for a long time because it’s good for my body so I gave it a try and it actually worked”, adding “I’m living a more normal life now. Until then, I just pretended to be okay and look cool, but I was very depressed and sad about myself”.

In addition, Bae Yoon-jung also showcased her skinny appearance after losing 13kg, from 73kg to 60kg, in three months. She also showed her support for people who are dieting, saying “I’m rooting for you all”.

Meanwhile, Bae Yoon-jung married a non-celebrity 11 years younger than her in 2019 and has a son.

Source: Star News

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