Park Gyu Young reviews the offer to lead a new drama alongside Kim Seon Ho

On March 16th, an entertainment official said to JTBC Entertainment News, “Park Gyu Young has decided to play the female lead of ‘Mangnaein’ and will work with Kim Seon Ho”. In response, the actress’s agency SARAM Entertainment said, “It’s not confirmed yet. We’ve received the casting offer and are positively reviewing it.”

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Park Gyu-young made her debut in 2016 through the music video “Crosswalk” of singer Jo Kwon. Since then, she has appeared in various works, such as “Rain or Shine”, “The Third Charm”, “Romance Is a Bonus Book”, “The Tuna and the Dolphin”. “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay”, “Sweet Home”, “The Devil Judge”, “Dali and Cocky Prince”, etc. Park Gyu Young is an impressive actress who has been building up her filmography step by step with stable acting skills and a pure appearance. Therefore, she is expected to showcase great synergy with Kim Seon Ho in “Mangnaein”.

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Earlier, Kim Seon Ho’s side stated, “He is considering the offer to appear in ‘Mangnaein’.” “Hashi’s Shinru,” which was rumored to be Kim Seon Ho’s comeback drama, fell through due to internal issues within the production company. Shortly after then, the actor was reported to be in talks with the production team of “Mangnaein”.

“Mangnaein” depicts the story of a story aban older sister who cannot believe her younger brother’s extreme choice to commit suicide, digs into the incident, and meets a mysterious man.

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The drama is known to be jointly directed by PD Kim Ji Woon, who is famous for movies such as “I Saw the Devil”, “Doomsday Book”, “The Age of Shadows”, “Untact”, and “Cobweb”, and PD Park Bo Ram, who made SBS’s “Through the Darkness”. Yong Film will be in charge of producing “Mangnaein”. It is expected to premiere as a six-episode series on an OTT platform. 

Source: Daum

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