Female Head Of Hostess Club, “I Got 300 million Won From Lee Sun-kyun But I’m Threatened Too”

The head of the ađượt entertainment establishment admitted that she received 300 million won from Lee Sun-kyun

According to an insider on October 30, A, who was arrested on charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act, admitted to her lawyer during a recent police investigation that she had received 300 million in cash.

Earlier, Lee Sun-kyun sued A after the media reported his alleged drug use, claiming that he was threatened and ripped off of 350 million won. The actor also sued an unknown person, B, for blackmailing. Lee Sun-kyun suspected that A conspired with B and threatened him.

lee sun kyun

A admitted that she received 300 million won, not 350 million won, but claimed that she was also threatened by B, who approached her on her social account.

A is accused of operating at a membership entertainment establishment targeting the high-income class and delivering drugs supplied to Lee Sun-kyun and G-Dragon. A has a criminal record of being sentenced to prison for drug use.

Meanwhile, Lee Sun-kyun is suspected of using marijuana and other drugs several times at the home of A since the beginning of this year.

Source: naver

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