Song Ha-yoon Talks About Park Min-young, “My Half, I Cried Just By Making Eye Contact”

Song Ha-yoon expressed affection for Park Min-young, who worked with her in the drama “Marry My Husband”

On February 20th, “Marry My Husband” actress Song Ha-yoon had an interview at Starship Entertainment building in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Song Ha-yoon, who played the villain Jung Soo-min in “Marry My Husband”, shared a behind-the-scenes story of the filming process, saying “Soo-min’s relationship with other people is like water and oil. To express that feeling, I felt like I shouldn’t become too close to others so I was alone on the set all the time. I had to be like that. If I became close to other actors, it might show in the drama. The viewers can notice such details easily”.

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She continued, “We often had script reading sessions at night with the actors and I was called ‘Song Ha-yoon’ during the practice. So I confessed first every time, saying ‘Soo-min may say many harsh words on the set, but I like you guys a lot’. I even called Min-young ‘my half’”.

Regarding Park Min-young, who played Kang Ji-won and had a bloody confrontation with Jung Soo-min in the drama, Song Ha-yoon confessed, “That friend was doing her best to complete the role. I cried sometimes when I received text messages from Min-young”, adding “We are the same age with BoA and Lee Yi-kyung. Especially during my first shoot with Min-young, I cried as soon as we made eye contact”.

Expressing her affection, the actress said, “It was not even a complicated scene. We were just looking at each other’s eyes. There was a feeling of mutual empathy between people of the same age and we knew that we were doing well. That’s why I was able to film very comfortably”, adding “Even though we didn’t talk much, I could still feel that ‘this friend has endured a lot like me’, ‘she’s been working very hard’, etc. just by looking at each other”.

Song Ha-yoon added, “Since we could feel more of such a feeling on the set, we decided that we should keep some distance between us”. Lastly, the actress left a message for Park Min-young, saying “How are you doing, my half? I have an interview today”, drawing laughter.

Source: Daum

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