WINNER Song Min Ho: “Harsh” and “hip” looking but a full for his younger sister 

The WINNER member Song Min Ho (Mino) boasts a cool image, but he’s actually a gentle and understanding older brother 

Recently on the MBC entertainment program “DNA Mate”, WINNER Kim Jin Woo’s sister, Kim Jin Hee, visited the WINNER members to celebrate their comeback.  

winner jinwoo

Here, Kim Jin Woo confessed that sometimes he felt awkward to be with his sister due to their 8-year age gap, and the fact that he became a trainee too soon. He also added that their relationship has somewhat improved after joining a TV show together. 

Hearing this, WINNER Lee Seung Hoon commented: “You guys are looking so close now. It’d be fun if Min Ho and Dan Ah (Min Ho’s sister) join the show. Their chemistry is truly no joke.”

winner seung hoon

Later on, WINNER members asked Jin Hee to pick a WINNER member to become her older brother, to which she selected Lee Seung Hoon because he was the only one without any sibling.

However, other members jokingly warned: “If Seung Hoon is your real brother, he’d complain all the time. He’s only kind to strangers.” 

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Next, Kim Jin Woo asked Jin Hee if she preferred a complaining brother or a strict one, to which she immediately chose the latter. At this, Jin Woo looked extremely pleased, since he himself is known to be strict. 

winner mino
Song Min Ho’s younger sister is just as good-looking as him 

Song Min Ho then chimed in: “My younger sister actually likes to hear me complaining. She wants me to care about her and would feel annoyed if I don’t talk much. Once, I discussed with her about an issue that she’s facing, and the next day, my mother said, ‘Dan Ah told me she received insightful advice from you yesterday, she looked very happy’.”

winner mino

The male idol continued: “When we were kids, we would fight all the time. Girls mature faster than guys during puberty and she was so much stronger than I was.” 

Song Min Ho also expressed his worries and affection for his sister, saying: “I’d feel extremely worried whenever she goes out drinking at bars or pubs. I kept worrying that she’d make a mistake.” 

winner mino

Song Min Ho’s younger sister, Song Dan Ah, was born in 1994 and debuted in 2011 as a member of the girl group NEW.F.O. She has appeared in a lot of photos with Song Min Ho and never fails to boast their cute sibling energy.

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