SEVENTEEN Joshua Bursts into Tears at Concert Following Dating Controversy

In a recent concert, SEVENTEEN Joshua got emotional in front of the fans.

The emotional outpouring occurred in the wake of SEVENTEEN Joshua being embroiled in a controversy over his dating rumor with non-celebrity girlfriend. This has undoubtedly been a challenging time for the idol.

During his ment at SEVENTEEN’s first concert of their Japan dome tour, Joshua couldn’t hold back his tears in front of the fans. He spoke of the unbreakable bond between SEVENTEEN and their fandom, Carat, highlighting the profound impact that their support had on him.

SEVENTEEN Joshua Bursts into Tears at Concert

“Carat has always been my driving force,” Joshua confessed, his voice filled with emotion. “I will never forget the love I receive from Carat. I will work harder and put in more effort to convey my sincere feelings to all of you.”

However, Korean netizens’ reaction to Joshua crying at SEVENTEEN’s concert has been cold. On the online community Pann, netizens left comments:

  1. “After the concert, he’ll be all lovey-dovey with his girlfriend again”
  2. “I have doubts about whether he is sincere…”
  3. “Now, everything about him seems like lies and acting.”
  4. “This is a point where fans should be crying. Why are you crying?”
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