SEVENTEEN fans show divided reactions to Joshua’s dating issue: Request withdrawal VS Protect artist 

As Joshua’s romance scandal is still intensifying, conflicts within SEVENTEEN’s fandom also continue.

On August 10th, SEVENTEEN fans sent a protest truck to HYBE office building in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Through this, fans are demanding Joshua’s .withdrawal from the group due to his ongoing dating rumors.

Recently, articles exposing the romantic relationship of Joshua and influencer A spread rapidly on social media, such as Twitter, and online communities. In particular, netizens pointed out Joshua and A’s couple items, such as clothes and accessories.


Controversy arose when Joshua was found to have affectionately greeted his alleged girlfriend A at SEVENTEEN’s concert. Evidence of Joshua and A doing Lovestagram was also found, adding to fans’ anger. 

Despite the frustration among fans, both Joshua and his agency are still keeping silent. Influencer A has not expressed any position until now. As fans can no longer bear the silence, they sent protest trucks asking Joshua to leave SEVENTEEN.


However, some fans also made arguments to protect Joshua. They claimed that Joshua has been receiving indiscriminate criticism since the dating rumors broke out. These fans also urged SEVENTEEN’s agency to actively respond to the situation and protect their artist. 

Since the romance between Joshua and influencer A was reported, conflicts among SEVENTEEN fans have deepened.

Attention is focused on how Joshua and his agency will deal with the current situation amid heated fandom conflicts. 

Source: Nate 

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