“Seoul Check-in” Eun Ji Won reacts to Lee Hyo Ri’s lip-syncing accident in the past, “Luckily, your group did not disband”

“Seoul Check-in” Lee Hyo Ri talked about a broadcasting accident in the past.

The broadcast of tvN’s “Seoul Check-in” on the evening of December 5th showed Lee Hyo Ri and her friends heading to Yangpyeong Ski Resort.

On that day, Eun Ji Won said, “I didn’t like live broadcasting back then. We had 6 members and they gave us wired microphones”, adding “I tried to avoid it like jumping rope.”

eun ji won lee hyo ri

Upon hearing that, Lee Hyo Ri confessed, “We’d never used wired microphones”. Eun Ji Won complained, “We stepped over each other’s foot when moving back and forth”. 

eun ji won
lee hyo ri

Lee Hyo Ri shared, “We once performed when people were swimming”, adding “It was a lip-sync broadcast, but I didn’t know the microphone was on. Since it was a lip-sync performance, I sang whatever I wanted, but everything was broadcasted.”


In response, Eun Ji Won said, “Luckily, your group did not disband”, adding “Looking back on that time, the public was very generous”.

Source: Nate

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