AOA Mina asks Jimin to stop avoiding her messages

It seems that the feud between former AOA members Mina and Jimin have not come to an end yet

Last year, the K-Pop music industry was rocked by a bullying scandal involving former AOA members, with Mina revealing that Jimin bullied her throughout the ten years she promoted with the group.

There has been an ongoing enmity between these two former AOA members since the bullying controversy arose. Mina has been keeping her fans and netizens followers up to date with a series of social media posts detailing the issue.

After the incident, Jimin announced her departure from the entertainment industry on her social media account, along with a lengthy apology. Jimin hasn’t attended any public events since then, and she hasn’t maintained her SNS either.

The feud appears to be ongoing, as Mina just commented on Jimin’s Instagram, requesting that she stop ignoring her messages.


Mina wrote, “Feeling of guiltiness? you cried and begged and cried again? you’re filled with lies. Of course, you won’t understand me because you hated me and bothered me without any reason. You weren’t able to meticulously care for me? You were almost like my surveillance camera? And you were almost my shadow following me to find the smallest fault in me. Your actions and words were completely different. You’re acting is the best. Contact me. You know my number. You don’t answer no matter how many times I contacted you.”

Mina has claimed that she has not received a proper apology from Jimin and has asked her to apologize sincerely. Jimin, on the other hand, claims to have apologized for her wrongdoings.

Source: AK

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