BLACKPINK’s Grammy Nomination Submission Amid Lisa’s Activity Ban Issue Sparks Controversy

Controversy arose as BLACKPINK submitted Grammy nominations for the only one song they released this year

BLACKPINK’s youngest member Lisa has been the talk of the town during the past few days. Ever since Lisa performed nude shows for 3 days in Paris, a lot of Asian fans have turned their back on her. On November 1st, the official accounts of Lisa and her biggest fanclub in China disappeared from Weibo. This raised rumors of the female singer getting a ban from the Chinese government. Amid such controversies, BLACKPINK made 2 nomination submissions for the game OST “The Girls” at the Grammy Awards.

Wrapping up their world tour “BORN PINK” after a year, BLACKPINK is still the top girl group with numerous impressive records. However, they have been struggling with various issues, such as the renewal of exclusive contracts with YG Entertainment and plans for their individual activities. The fact that BLACKPINK did not make any official comeback in this 7th year of their career but still made submissions for two Grammy 2024 nominations, Record of the Year and Song of the Year, sparked heated debates among netizens. 

black pink
What a cool prank on the girls by YG!

This year, BLACKPINK only released the game OST “The Girls”. Although this song met all the criteria for Grammy nomination submissions, netizens still doubt this decision. In fact, BLACKPINK has submitted Grammy nominations, including Best New Artist, for three consecutive years, from 2020 to 2022 and even with their explosive hit album “BORN PINK”, but never succeeded. Therefore, many people cannot understand why they take the challenge again this time despite releasing only a game OST without promotion.

The only K-pop group that has been nominated for Grammy Awards is BTS. BLACKPINK still received awards VMAs 2023 without a comeback, but the Grammy challenge is not that easy.

Above all, the future of the group is uncertain as their contract renewal is still in discussion. In this situation, it’s not easy for BLACKPINK to reach their Grammy dream.

Source: K14

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