The actress who faces Park Eun-bin in court in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 12… Her identity surprised viewers

Actress Lee Bong-ryun, who appeared in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” episode 12, is drawing keen attention.

Lee Bong-ryun made a special appearance as a prominent character in the 12th episode of ENA’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, which aired on August 4th.

On the broadcast, Lee Bong-ryun transformed into attorney Ryu Jae-sook, who mainly defends plaintiffs in cases about human and labor rights. As a person with a clear viewpoint in her work, she confronted attorneys at Hanbada law firm with a confident and humane appearance.

Mir Life Insurance employees filed a lawsuit against their company because the wives of the married couples in the company were forced to retire. The company said, “If the wife does not retire, the husband will be subjected to unpaid leaves”.

Hanbada took charge in defend the company. Woo Young-woo wondered, “Why is it a discriminatory measure against women? Isn’t it discriminatory against men?”. Choi Soo-yeon (Ha Yoon-kyung) also pointed out that wives eventually agreed to retire due to the patriarchal environment.

Kim Hyun-jung and Lee Ji-young, who filed the lawsuit, were employees who performed well at work. Ryu Jae-sook, the attorney for the plaintiffs, showed an intense move as she protested against gender-based restructuring in front of the court.

Woo Young-woo got the idea from the key ring at Hope Women’s Hospital, which was found in the bag of defendant Lee Ji-young, and confronted the defendant, saying, “Voluntary retirement is a good opportunity for infertility treatment.”

Jae-sook, who saw the scene, said after the trial was suspended, “I read about Woo Young Woo on the news, and was wondering what kind of lawyer she would become, but she ended up going to Hanbada. I thought she would work in a cooler place, like Ryu Jae Sook’s law office. Isn’t it wonderful to be on the side of brave female workers?”

When Young-woo said that a lawyer doesn’t choose a client, Jae-sook responded, “A lawyer is a human being. They are different from a judge and a prosecutor. I am standing on the same side as my client. You have to decide for yourself which client is right to defend.”

Afterwards, Jae-sook lost the trial, but received support, and expressed her will to appeal to fight for job security and equality, stating, “I evaluate this trial positively regardless of the judgment.” Young-woo and Soo-yeon, who were invited to their after-party, headed to Jae-sook’s office. Here, Young-woo compared Jae-sook to the extinct ‘Yangtze River dolphin’ and expressed her heart, saying, “She is a lawyer that cannot be found in Hanbada. I hope she does not become extinct.”

Lee Bong-ryun debuted in 2005 with the musical “Five Drawings about Love”, and has since starred in various plays like “Laundry”, “Praise For Youth”, “The Days”, “Everything That Shines On Me”. She also appeared in K-dramas such as “Tomorrow With You”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Run On”, as well as in movies “Okja”, “A Taxi Driver”, and “Kim Ji Young, Born 1982”, showing distinctive images in each work. Thanks to her soulful and solid acting skills, Lee Bong-ryun has truly established herself as an actress.

Last year, the actress assumed the role of Yeo Hwa-jeong in K-drama “Hometown Cha Cha Cha”, who is a banker in Gongjin-dong and the owner of a sushi restaurant. She is currently an artist under AM Entertainment – the same agency with her “Hometown Cha Cha Cha” co-star Shin Min-ah.

Source: wikitree

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