Park Min Young’s New On-Screen Rival Grabs Attention: Dramatic Glow-Up in Beauty After 6 Years

Song Ha Yoon Takes on Antagonistic Role in Upcoming Drama

At present “Marry My Husband” is one of the most eagerly awaited Korean dramas, largely thanks to the presence of Park Min Young.

The undeniable charm and charisma of Park Min Young in the new series are aspects universally acknowledged. However, the drama also features another captivating beauty, Song Ha Yoon.

song ha yoon

In the series, Song Ha Yoon takes on the role of Jung Soo Min, the woman who steals the husband of the main character Kang Ji Won, played by Park Min Young. Despite portraying a despised ‘homewrecker,’ when tvN released new character posters, Song Ha Yoon received many praises for her visual.

song ha yoon-park min young
Song Ha Yoon plays Jung Soo Min, the one having an affair with the husband of the main character Kang Ji Won, portrayed by Park Min Young.

Song Ha Yoon previously starred in the hit drama “Fight For My Way” alongside Ahn Jae Hong, Kim Ji Won, and Park Seo Joon. In the series, they played a group of close friends, with Song Ha Yoon taking on the role of Baek Seol Hee, a character known for her extreme sweetness and romantic nature.

song ha yoon
Song Ha Yoon in the drama Fight For My Way.

In this drama, Song Ha Yoon’s character Baek Seol Hee appeared somewhat overshadowed compared to the roles played by the popular stars Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon. Moreover, her character lacked the elements to capture the audience’s attention.

Six years have passed since “Fight For My Way,” and Song Ha Yoon has struggled to rise as a major star. The projects she has been a part of haven’t left a significant impact on the audience. However, now Song Ha Yoon is making an impression by elevating her attractiveness in the new series alongside the renowned beauty, Park Min Young.

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