BTS V’s “Rainy Days” Selected In Rolling Stone’s ‘TOP 100 Best Songs of 2023’

The solo song “Rainy Days” by BTS’s V was chosen among the 100 best songs of 2023 by Rolling Stone

US’s prestigious music media outlet Rolling Stone released Top 100 Best Songs of 2023 consisting of impressive music releases around the world in the past year.

In particular, “Rainy Days”, a track from V’s album “Layover”, ranked No.58 in the list.

The media praised the musicality of V, who placed 4th among all K-pop singers with the highest-ranking K-pop solo song. Rolling Stone said, “Each BTS solo project has its own distinct musical personality”, adding “V is the member of the group with the deepest love of R&B, soul and jazz, a fan of legends like Chet Baker and Frank Sinatra who’s also a former saxophone player”.

bts v

Giving favorable reviews for V’s vocal, they continued, “He unfurled his old-school credentials on ‘Rainy Days’, crooning over a forlorn piano and laidback beat as he explored the refined depths of his deliciously cloudy baritone. The result was an undisputedly umbrella-worthy, new look, quiet-storm pleasure”.

“Rainy Days” is the intro song of V’s solo album “Layover” and represents the main color of the album. Focusing on simplicity rather than complexity, the song emphasizes V’s singing skills and maximizes his emotional vocal. This is a track that showcases how V enriches the song soly with his voice.

British music magazine NME also highlighted V’s musical emotions, saying “‘Rainy Days’ touches the hearts of listeners like the dim light of a jazz bar giving off the vibe of 2023 and 1923 at the same time”, adding “It also shows V’s unexpected charm when combining modern modulation with classical sound.

Source: Nate

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