Secret members congratulate Song Ji-eun and her disabled boyfriend “Finally it’s revealed”

Secret’s Song Ji-eun, who recently revealed her romantic relationship with YouTuber Park We, is receiving support from her fellow members

On Dec 21st, Song Ji-eun shared through her Instagram, “Today, ahead of Christmas, I want to introduce to you someone precious who came into my life like a gift. My beloved partner.”

Park We, who is operating the YouTube channel “WERACLE”, was diagnosed with paraplegia due to an unexpected accident in 2014, but has recovered some functions through rehabilitation and moves around using a wheelchair.

Song Ji-eun Park Wi

The two, who share strong religious beliefs, first met at church and fell in love, eventually becoming a couple. Song Ji-eun confessed, “I didn’t feel uncomfortable because of the wheelchair. In fact, it was comfortable. (Park We) could drive alone. I felt that he could go anywhere and was an independent person.”

With the news spreading, congratulations from Secret members are pouring in. Jun Hyo-seong left a comment, “Finally, it’s revealed. Congratulations, our Ji-eun.” Jung Ha-na expressed affection with heart emojis.

Other celebrities, including Park Si-eun, Kim Ki-ri, Sleepy, Song Ha-yea and KittiB, also joined in the congratulations.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-eun debuted in 2009 as a member of girl group Secret. She has been active as a solo singer and actress since the group disbanded in 2016.

Source: Nate

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