BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Discussed Contract With G-Dragon’s Agency Galaxy Corporation But Failed?

Rumors that BLACKPINK’s Jisoo would join Galaxy Corporation, the current agency of G-Dragon, for her individual activities. 

In this regard, iMBC Entertainment News contacted Galaxy Corporation to confirm the authenticity of the rumors. The agency official repeatedly responded with a tone that expressed discomfort, such as “It’s not true”, “We told you that it’s not true”, “It’s not like that”, etc.

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The media outlet said, “We recently called Galaxy Corporation to check the fact after receiving a report that they had completed recruiting Jisoo”. However, when they mentioned Jisoo’s name, the Galaxy Corporation official immediately replied, “It’s not like that”.

Usually, the process of big stars changing agencies, arranging group promotions with other members and managing individual activities under different companies is very complicated. It requires various tasks and the parties involved may switch their roles in an instant.

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Regardless of whether the project succeeds or not, such major business deals tend to attract keen public attention and arouse speculation. When asked if there were any stories during the recruitment process, the agency only repeated ta vague answer, saying “We received such inquiries a lot. However, it’s not true. We’ll inform you if that happens”.

The media then asked again, “Do you mean the company will make a clear official position to clarify the matter later?”, Galaxy Corporation only said, “No, we already told you that it’s not happening now and it doesn’t mean we are going to release a position, right?”, adding “If we receive such information, we will contact you later. It’s not true for now”.

Source: Daum

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