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Sandara Park’s shocking confession “Ideal type = Jo Se-ho, seeing Code Kunst ruins my appetite”

Sandara Park surprises everyone by revealing an unexpected ideal type

The Dec 5th broadcast of SBS’s “Strong Heart VS” will discuss opposite preferences with the theme of “Guys with big mouths who live to eat” VS “Guys with small mouths who eat to live”. “Guys with big mouths” include Shin Gi-ru, Lee Guk-joo and Agent H. On the “Guys with small mouths” side, the guests are Sandara Park and Kim Doo-young.

sandara park

During the recording, Sandara Park, often considered the representative small eater in the entertainment industry, made a surprising confession about her ideal type in a relationship, “I don’t like someone with a small mouth like me.” She also expressed that she feels “heart-fluttering” if someone feeds her. She stated, “The moment someone says ‘I’ll feed you’, I’ll fall for them right away!” This playful remark brought laughter to the scene.

Accordingly, Jun Hyun-moo mentioned another representative small eater in the entertainment industry, Code Kunst. When asked to choose between “Code Kunst vs. Jo Se-ho“, Sandara Park replied “Seeing Code Kunst ruins my appetite. I can’t seem to communicate with him” and amusingly chose Jo Se-ho, creating a lively atmosphere on set.

“Strong Heart VS” featuring “Guys with big mouths VS Guys with small mouths” will air on SBS at 10:20 PM on Dec 5th.

Source: Daum

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