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Sandara Park Currently 38kg, Asked To Lose Weight At 46kg By Stylist

Despite being incredibly fit, Sandara Park was still asked to lose weight by her stylist

On the December 5 broadcast of SBS’s “Strong Heart VS”, Sandara Park revealed that her current weight is 38kg.


Hearing this, Moon Se-yoon expressed concern, asking, “Isn’t that unhealthy?”, to which Jo Hyun-ah commented, “People like them live longer.”

Regarding this, Sandara Park explained, “These days, I’ve been eating well, and that’s how I reached 38kg”, while another guest joked that “38 kg” is their waist size.

Regarding Jeon Hyun-moo’s question about her maximum weight, Sandara Park replied, “I couldn’t believe it when I weighed up to 46kg. Nothing is impossible in this world”. When asked if she felt uncomfortable at that time, the female singer said, “Yes. If I don’t control my weight, my stomach will reveal”.

Sandara Park continued, “I started dieting again and registered for a course at the gym”, adding “I was very shocked when my stylist asked me to lose 2kg”.

Source: Daum

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