“Romantic guy” Seo In-guk shocks fans with his new transformation in upcoming movie “Project Wolf Hunting” 

“Project Wolf Hunting” raises movie fans’ expectations to the fullest with the release of its main trailer, heralding intense and shocking action scenes.

The new movie “Project Wolf Hunting” is a hard-boiled survival action film telling the story and extreme situation that takes place on a cargo ship used to transport dangerous criminals from the Pacific Ocean to Korea.

The main trailer unveiled this time begins with the voice of a news anchor and the scene of criminals boarding the Frontier Titan ship. The appearance of Seok-woo (Park Ho-san), who shouts “Please, let’s just go in silence” and informs the criminals that he is the field manager of this operation, signals a fierce confrontation between the criminals and the police.

wolf hunting

The scenes of criminals, including the most dangerous one Jong-doo (Seo In-guk), being released and freely wandering inside the Frontier Titan ship stimulate the excitement and anticipation for an extreme survival that will take place in earnest with the rebellion of the criminals. On the other hand, Do-il (Jang Dong-yoon)’s line saying “Just return to Korea quietly” is raising the viewers’ curiosity about the story as it suggests that Do-il has a different purpose from other criminals.

wolf hunting

As such, the main trailer of “Project Wolf Hunting”, which heralds an extreme situation in which they must die if they don’t kill each other, is arousing keen interest from movie fans around the world. The movie is expected to captivate the audience as a powerful and intense hard-boiled survival action movie that they have never seen before.

Meanwhile, “Project Wolf Hunting” made headlines as it has been officially invited to the 47th Toronto International Film Festival and will be screened at a World Premiere. Receiving many love calls from leading film festivals, such as L’etrange Film Festival, the U.S Fantastic Fest, SITGES – International Fantastic Film Festival in Spain, etc., it is expected to become a representative K-survival film. “Project Wolf Hunting” is also drawing huge attention with its shocking visualization as well as brutal and realistic R-rated action scenes. The movie is scheduled to premiere in theaters on September 21st.

Source: daum

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