RIIZE’s Recent Live Stage Criticized for Being “As Bad As LE SSERAFIM”?

A recent live stage of boy group RIIZE has received mixed reactions and was even compared to LE SSERAFIM’s Coachella performance. 

Recently, a topic titled “ RIIZE’s recent live stage currently in controversy at the level of LE SSERAFIM” was published on the Korean forum Instiz, drawing over 40,000 views. 

The topic in question was referring to RIIZE’s ”Memories” stage on April 14 at “The Perfomance”, as well as LE SSERAFIM’s recent appearance at Coachella. 

As LE SSERAFIM was shrouded in criticisms from netizens, however, a lot of people defend RIIZE, saying that while the boy group stage was not “perfect”, it was not “as bad as LE SSERAFIM”.

Below are some comments from netizens:

  • There’s a difference between being bad sometimes and being bad all the time 
  • It was a bad day but they normally do well. There’s also some problems with the microphone. 
  • The sound quality was not good. If you watch other live stages of them, they always do well
  • This is not perfect for sure, but definitely not as bad as LE SSERAFIM
  • It’s not LE SSERAFIM’s level…

Source: Instiz

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