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Billlie’s Tsuki tearfully confessed, “I practiced every day”… “Idol Star Athletics Championships” commentators were all impressed by her efforts

Billlie member Tsuki amazed the public with her first dance sports performance that was made with great effort and a lot of practices.

On the broadcast of MBC 2022 Chuseok Special Idol Star Athletics Championships (hereinafter referred to as “ISAC”), which aired on September 9th, Billlie’s Tsuki expressed her feelings about placing 2nd in the women’s dance sports category. She said, “I was so happy to join ISAC for the first time since my debut. Winning 2nd place, I will be having a very happy Chuseok holiday.”


Unlike her usual cute image, Tsuki drew attention as she appeared in a chic black outfit. She chose Chachacha and Jive as her dance sports genres and boldly presented impressive expressions from the beginning of her performance. The commentators were amazed by the fact that she made as many as 35 expressions within only three seconds of the introduction. 

Tsuki showed off her dynamic facial expressions and moves as well as speedy and powerful movements. Becoming one with the rhythm, Tsuki looked completely comfortable and free while enjoying the stage.


Commentator Park Ji-eun said, “Watching Tsuki’s practice process, I’ve never seen any Latin dance that is better than this one”, praising Tsuki’s body shape and movements in the process of transforming into a dance sports athlete. 

Aiki also commented, “Doing Chachacha dance with high heels is not easy at all. I can understand how much attention Tsuki paid to the details of her performance. Her eye expressions are also very good”.


In the end, Tsuki, who ranked 2nd place with a high score of 26.9 points, also congratulated the No.1 winner Kep1er’s Xiaoting. Filled with complicated emotions after finishing all the stages, Tsuki shed tears. Her professional appearance of not giving up and trying to enjoy the process until the end touched everyone.

Trying dance sports for the first time through ISAC, Tsuki recalled how she practiced for the performance, saying “Although I was very worried about whether I could do it well, I practiced every day with my partner teacher. We discussed the selection of songs, stage direction, choreography, and costumes together to show a really good performance”.


She continued, “I’m so happy that my efforts are recognized and I also want to thank the members and fans for their enthusiastic support throughout the competition”, expressing her gratitude.

Lastly, Tsuki greeted, “I will continue to take on more challenges as a member of Billlie and present you with better music and performances. I will show you my passion, so please continue to look forward to me.”

Meanwhile, Tsuki’s group Billlie recently released their third mini album “the Billage of perception: chapter two” and they are carrying out various activities to promote the title track “RING ma Bell (what a wonderful world)”. Reaching their “career high” with impressive achievements, such as selling more than 70,000 copies in the first week and recording over 26 million views for their music videos, the girl group has continued their explosive moves by winning No.1 on music shows on two consecutive days. 

Source: daum

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