RIIZE Seunghan Apologizes for His Past Kissing-photos

RIIZE member Seunghan apologized for the controversy over his private life.

On August 30th, Seunghan, a member of the music group RIIZE, issued a heartfelt apology for personal matters from the past through a statement shared on the group’s Instagram account. This action has garnered significant attention from fans and the online community.

He said, “This is RIIZE Seunghan”, adding “I’m writing this because I believe that I should explain the situation before standing in front of the fans.”


Seunghan said, “First of all, I sincerely apologize to fans who support RIIZE”, adding “I caused damage to my team at the important moment right before our debut with my personal matters and disappointed the members as well as company staff”.

He continued, “I am sorry that I could not make an apology earlier because I was very scared and anxious about the issue. Everything happened due to my carelessness and I can neither blame anyone nor give any excuse for that. I have spent time reflecting on my past and my actions.”

Lastly, he said, “From now on, I will consider RIIZE as my top priority. I will act more cautiously not only on the stage as a member of RIIZE but also in every situation I go through. I will do my best to prove my sincerity towards the team and fans through my actions”, adding “I want to apologize once again. Thank you for reading this long letter”

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Recently, images purported to be of Seunghan and his girlfriend kissing in a hotel have been widely shared on social media, attracting attention. Additionally, numerous rumors about Seunghan’s past have circulated on Weibo, garnering significant interest. Following the outbreak of these rumors, Seunghan was reported absent from the group’s filming session due to health issues. Then, one day later, on August 30th, his images were also removed from the official portal, sparking speculations that Seunghan might not be able to debut with RIIZE in September as originally planned.

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