Jo Kwon “photoshopped” body? From “drag queen” to “ultra-fit bodybuilder”

Singer and musical actor Jo Kwon has taken everyone by surprise by revealing his ultra-fit physique.

On May 5th, Jo Kwon posted a photo on his personal SNS account, along with the caption, “It’s not photoshopped^^”. In the photo, the male idol attracts immediate attention with his muscular body like a bodybuilder, along with abs that feel like a washboard.

Seeing the photo, Park Hyo Shin, a friend of Jo Kwon, expressed his surprise by commenting, “Isn’t it photoshopped?”, to which Jo Kwon laughed and answered, “No, it’s not photoshopped ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s my real body. I just don’t take off my clothes often.”

It is known that prior to this recently-revealed photo, Jo Kwon is known for a lithe “genderless” image, as he readily dons “traditionally feminine” items such as wigs, heels, and nail polishes. 

Jo Kwon also drew attention for releasing a “drag queen” photoshoot earlier last year, so his new “ultra-fit” image and “bodybuilder” physique took a lot of people by surprise. 

Regarding this, Jo Kwon previously revealed that while he has a “skinny image”, people around him say he eats well. “I eat one chicken and two bowls of rice with two bags of ramen”, the idol once said, surprising everyone. 

Jo Kwon also revealed, “My body was so small that I almost couldn’t debut at JYP. I ended up working out, with the sole purpose of debuting, I did weight training and gained 8 kg of muscle. I’m 173cm tall and at the time, I’ve never had a 6 in front of my weight.”

On the other hand, Jo Kwon debuted as a member of boy group 2AM in 2008.

Source: Nate

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