The reason why Kim Go Eun, a gorgeous top actress, is fluent in 3 languages 

Actress Kim Go Eun leads an admirable life, from a Korea National University of Arts alumni to an actress. 

Kim Go Eun entered the Korea National University of Arts with a scholarship, which has a competition ratio of 74:1. She is also a member of the legendary Class of 2010 at this school. 

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According to the testimonies of colleagues who studied at the same school, Kim Go Eun was popular for being pretty while she was a student. It is said that her father’s influence aroused her interest in cinema, and at first, she dreamed of becoming a staff member or screenwriter rather than an actress.

However, Kim Go Eun later learned the fun of acting and dreamed of becoming an actress. Eventually, she entered Korea National University of Arts and started her acting career.

The reason why Kim Go Eun is good at Chinese and English

About 10 years ago, Kim Go Eun attended the Asian Film Awards and went on stage as a presenter and spoke fluent Chinese, immediately becoming a hot topic. In fact, it is said that Kim Go Eun has lived with her parents who ran a business in China for about 10 years from the age of 4.

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At that time, there were no Koreans in the neighborhood, so she learned Chinese for survival,  and became fluent enough to converse with native speakers. During the filming of the movie “Chinatown”, the actress showed off her talent by correcting Chinese lines.

Kim Go Eun’s language skills are not limited to Chinese. She is also fluent in English, so she showed off her English skills in overseas interviews, and created an image of a trilingual woman who can speak fluently in three languages.

Kim Go-eun

Kim Go Eun, born in 1991, made her debut with an unconventional character in the movie “EunGyo”, and rose to stardom after successfully completing the hit K-drama “Goblin”. Her looks, intelligence, acting skill, talents and qualities, are all well known in the industry.

Recently, the actress showed her peak acting skills via the recently-concluded drama “Little Women”. Now, she is attempting another transformation through the upcoming movie “Hero”.

“Hero” revolves around Ahn Jung Geun, a fighter for the Korean independence movement who was sentenced to death in a Japanese court after his assasination of Hirobumi Ito in Harbin in October 1909. In the film, Kim Go Eun assumes the role of Seol Hee, the last court lady in Joseon, who witnessed the death of Empress Myeongseong.

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