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Untie swimsuit strap on TV? Final decision by the KCSC after reviewing an underwater skinship scene in reality dating show “Divorced Singles 3”

The Korea Communications Standards Commission (KCSC) has announced its position on the controversial skinship scene in MBN’s “Divorced Singles 3”. 

In the 9th episode of MBN’s “Divorced Singles 3” which aired on August 21, Han Jung Min and Jo Ye Young were shown enjoying a date in an open-air bath. They sat close to each other and shared intimate skinship.

Dol Singles 3

In particular, Han Jung Min joked with Jo Ye Young by asking her, “Is your (swimsuit strap) tied well?” Jo Ye Young then said, “(Should I) untie it?” After that, she said, “It’s strange to be in the water,” as she sensed an unusual atmosphere.

Han Jung Min affirmed Jo Ye Young’s words, saying, “The moment you don’t speak, the atmosphere becomes mysterious.”

In addition, Han Jung Min and Jo Ye Young showed daring skinship, such as kissing and hugging in the water. The scene was aired between 1 pm and 10 pm KST, the youth viewing protection time, and was subject to be reviewed by the Korea Communications Standards Commission. The KCSC held the 36th Broadcast Review Subcommittee on November 1 and recently released the minutes of the meeting.

According to the minutes of the meeting, 3 out of 4 committee members judged the broadcast of “Divorced Singles 3” as “no problem”.

The remaining person decided to further inspect, but eventually changed their opinion and finally decided to judge “no problem”.

On the same day, the Korea Communications Standards Commission judged whether the broadcast violated Article 44 (Protecting Children and Youth Viewers) of the “Regulations on Broadcast Review.”

Dol Singles 3

However, they reached the consensus that the content in question was not particularly harmful to the emotional development of adolescents.

Nevertheless, some still maintain that if the aforementioned scenes are considered acceptable now, in the future broadcasters will take advantage of them and allow even further such love entertainment programs.

On the other hand, Jo Ye Young and Han Jung Min developed into a real couple after appearing in “Divorced Singles 3”. They are now actively promoting “Lovestargrams” by posting photos together on their respective Instagrams.

The couple, who have a 4-year age gap, have greeted their parents and plan to remarry next year.

Many viewers cheered for them as they developed into a real couple, who had been outspoken in love.

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