Anupam Tripathi cries while talking about family on “I Live Alone”

Actor Anupam Tripathi choked up while recalling his tough times.

Actor Anupam Tripathi (hereinafter referred to as “Anupam”), who played contestant No.199 Abdul Ali in Netflix’s original drama “Squid Game”, appeared and revealed his daily life on the October 22nd broadcast of MBC’s entertainment show “I Live Alone”.

Anupam Tripathi squid game

Anupam opened the morning by talking over the phone with his family. Referring to his mother, who always advises him to “keep the feet on the ground”, he confessed, “I like talking over the phone with my mom. It makes me feel comfortable and encouraged.

Anupam, who has been living in Korea for 11 years, said that he last met his family in January last year. 

Anupam drew attention with his tearful look, saying that his family was proud and happy when viewers around the world paid attention to him. He added, “Everyone goes through hardships. I’ve been thinking about overcoming difficulties in any way, happily, excitedly or joyfully.”

Anupam Tripathi squid game

The actor shared, “It was very hard for me. At first, I even had to face problems with food, and I kept crying for three months“. He also said he had a hard time because of homesick and studying Korean.

Meanwhile, MBC’s “I Live Alone” is a documentary-type entertainment program that reflects the growing number of single families by capturing the daily life of celebrities living alone in the form of observation cam.

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