Actor Kim Nam-gil sent a heart-warming message to BTS Jin upon his military enlistment 

They boasted a strong friendship through an intimate drinking and talking meetup. 

On the 17th December, Kim Nam-gil uploaded on his youtube channel “GILSTORYENT” with the title “Kim Nam-gil with BTS Jin! A Close-up CAM to Leave a Drunken Truth.”

Previously, Kim Nam-gil appeared on a segment called “Jin’s Traditional Alcohol Journey” posted on BTS’s official YouTube channel, BANGTAN TV. His own content successfully killed two birds with one stone, showing his unique charm through traditional liquor drinking and exchange with Baek Jong-won.

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In the video uploaded on actor Kim’s channel, he said in the car, “I’m on my way right now after being called by Jin. Today, the day didn’t come because it was raining, but now, just like this, there’s a hole in the sky like this. They told me to come. They didn’t give me any information. It’s been a long time. Just come and eat and talk. I said I’m going because Jin called me.”

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Kim Nam-gil then enjoyed drinking and cooking and listened to Jin’s new song, adding to the warmth of their warm friendship. He said, “But I’m really weak in alcohol, but today…. I looked up on YouTube about food, and it was a big deal. I got drunk.”

At the end of the video, Kim Nam-gil delivered a heart-felt message for his friend in the military. He wished him good health, good trip and promised to visit him soon. 

BTS Jin military

Recently, Jin entered the 5th Division’s boot camp in Yeoncheon-gun, Gyeonggi-do in the afternoon of the 13th. Jin is the first BTS member to serve in the military as an active-duty soldier after four weeks of training. The scheduled date of discharge is June 12, 2024.

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