Red Velvet is a more marketable version of f(x)?

Netizens believe that the reason for the delay of f(x)’s new comeback is because of Red Velvet.

On August 6th, Red Velvet released their new album “Summer Magic.” Aside from the title track “Power Up,” which recently achieved a Perfect All-Kill, the B-side tracks from the album have also received a lot of love. Among these songs, “Hit That Rum” is thought to be very similar to f(x)’s style of music.

This is not the first time a Red Velvet song has been said to be similar to those of f(x). “Zoo” in the album “The Red Summer” or “Attaboy” in the album “Perfect Velvet” was also mistaken for f(x)’s songs the first time they were heard. In the comment section of YouTube, fans were flooding in with mentions of f(x).

After listening to these songs, many fans admit that Red Velvet can pull off f(x)’s unique style of music, which is why SM can give Red Velvet songs that fits f(x)’s style. In addition, Red Velvet seems to be the only SM group with good digital records, and the only group in SM able to make these songs more popular.

 Red Velvet is a more marketable version of f(x)?

This is the reason why many people can’t help but wonder if these songs originally belong to f(x). Does the fact that f(x) haven’t been able to come back for such a long time have something to do with this, as the songs f(x) were supposed to sing are now another group’s hits?

Many netizens believe that because SM gives Red Velvet f(x)’s songs, the group can’t find a suitable song to come back with.

However, many oppose to this by saying a song which originally belongs to some artists becoming songs of other artists is a common thing in KPOP. The question of why f(x) have been resting for so long can only be answered by SM itself.

 Red Velvet is a more marketable version of f(x)?
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