Producer Talks About Working With IVE On New Album, “Jang Won-young Is A Practicing Addict”

Ryan S. Jhun expressed his thoughts about participating in producing IVE’s new album  “I’VE MINE”

On October 13th, producer Ryan S. Jhun (real name Jeon Se-won), who produced IVE’s new mini album “I’VE MINE”, had an interview with Edaily. 

Ryan S. Jhun participated in making all 6 songs on “I’VE MINE”, showcasing his composing, producing and arranging abilities. He has worked with IVE ever since the girl group’s debut in December 2021 and most of the hit songs released by IVE, including “Eleven”, “Love Dive”, “After LIKE”, and “I AM”, were born with Ryan’s hands. 


As soon as IVE’s new album “I’VE MINE” was released, all the songs, including the triple title “BADDIE”, “Either Way”, and “Off the Record”, received enthusiastic reactions. In this regard, Ryan said, “I would like to thank Starship executives and officials for giving me another chance to work with the group, and I also want to thank IVE members who worked so hard on the recording with sincere attitudes.”

Due to the fierce girl group competition, Starship reportedly made a careful selection of only 6 songs among 2000 demos to put in IVE’s album. In this regard, Ryan smiled and said, “I also sent about 100 demos”, adding “I was very happy and proud the music that I, who has been working with IVE for a long time, made with all my heart was recognized”. 

Producer Ryan also emphasized that he focused on making music that can be enjoyed by all generations for IVE’s new album. He shared, “IVE is known as an ‘MZ icon’ and ‘president of elementary school students’, so I want to make songs that everyone, including the parents of those elementary school students, would listen to. Starship’s vice president understood my intentions and selected my songs”. Revealing that there was a great burden in the process of making songs for IVE, Ryan said, “I couldn’t sleep well. I came up with ideas while thinking about the stories I could tell the MZ Generation and give a new feeling. I also reflected on the ‘retro’ music. IVE’s previous song ‘Kitsch’ also started with a similar idea”

Regarding the atmosphere of the recording, producer Ryan told some stories he had with IVE members. He praised Jang Won-young, saying “I’ve never seen such a hard-working person. I was amazed to see her making endless efforts to find her voice’s identity and arriving 20 minutes before the recording. That’s why I jokingly told her, ‘You’re really a practicing addict’. Jang Won-young also expressed her ambition to compose songs. I think she deserves to be called an artist.”

The producer continued pouring compliments on other members, saying “Ahn Yu-jin showed an improved attitude towards music. She realized the depth of music and wanted to sing more deeply. She also prepared for the recording thoroughly. Gaeul is always sincere in everything she does. Leeseo must be very tired because she’s still a student. I’m grateful that she knows how to fit in with the music”, adding “Liz had a good understanding and attitude during the recording. I really enjoyed working with people like her, and her voice has become deeper. Rei is good at fluttering listeners’ hearts with her voice. Her charms were shown clearly in ‘Either Way’”.

Lastly, Ryan said, “I want to make music that doesn’t get old even after 10 or 20 years. I will continue working on songs that capture both the depth of music and the public taste to become a producer who can break the prejudice that ‘idol music is only for a specific fandom’.”

Source: Daum

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