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Jeon Hye Bin returns on broadcasts after childbirth, “I told my dentist husband about my family’s secret after we got married, and his reaction was…”

Actress Jeon Hye Bin will make her return on TV broadcast through “Radio Star” after giving birth to her son.

MBC’s talk show “Radio Star” broadcast scheduled to air on March 1st will feature Kang Soo Ji, Jeon Hye Bin, Jung Saem Mul, and Bbaek Ga as guests.

Jeon Hye Bin is already very familiar to the public as she has shown off extraordinary talents in various fields, such as acting, variety shows, and even singing. She gave birth to a son in September last year and received warm congratulations from fans and netizens.

Jeon Hye-bin

Appearing on “Radio Star”, Jeon Hye Bin will express her feelings about resuming broadcasting activities. Viewers are looking forward to seeing the actress deliver the recent status of herself and her 5-month-old son and tell stories about her colleagues who are also raising children.

It is known that Jeon Hye Bin also boasts about her amazing cooking skills and surprises “Radio Star” MCs by introducing recipes for various dishes, from Korean food to Spanish cuisine.

Next, she confesses, “I inherited my golden hands from my father”, and amazes everyone at the studio by revealing the unexpected thing she achieved thanks to her golden hand DNA.

Jeon Hye-bin

The actress also opens up about her experiences while filming dramas. She will tell the story of how she received the casting offer from screenwriter Moon Young Nam and got the nickname “Leader” on the set. 

In addition, Jeon Hye Bin also reenacts the ‘slap’ scene she performed with fellow actress Lee Si Young, who also starred in the drama “Liver or Die”. She also mentions when she made Yoo Jun Sang speechless with her spicy food, stimulating viewers’ curiosity about the full story. 

Lastly, Jeon Hye Bin is expected to draw attention with the confession that she told her husband about her family’s secret after they got married. 

The identity of Jeon Hye Bin’s group of celebrity friends who are also raising kids can also be found on “Radio Star” broadcast on March 1st.

Source: Daum

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